Is Your Sprinkler System Prepared for the Cold?

We offer backflow winterization in Temple, Killeen & Harker Heights, TX

As summer winds down and cooler weather starts to hit, don’t forget about your lawn. You want to make sure your sprinkler system, especially the backflow device, won’t freeze or burst during the winter months.

Turfwater Irrigation offers backflow winterization to make sure your system will last through the cold weather. In Texas, the backflow device is the main thing to focus on. Pipes that are 6 inches in the ground won’t freeze, but the above-ground backflow preventer could be cause for concern if it’s filled with water. Call 254-624-6977 today to schedule backflow winterization in the Temple, Killeen or Harker Heights, TX area.

Protect your sprinklers from potential damage

It’s important to have your system addressed in a timely manner. You want to be sure:

  • It’s done before the first freeze
  • The water is drained from your backflow device
  • Your system is set to a winter setting

Your property’s irrigation system is something you’ve invested time and money in. You don’t want bad weather to cause considerable damage. Contact Turfwater Irrigation to winterize your sprinkler system in Temple, Killeen or Harker Heights, TX.